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Nail your first impression with a professional, user-friendly website, designed to turn curious visitors to loyal customers.

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Ever wonder why you're not turning up on Google? Climb the search results & attract quality traffic with our SEO-friendly designs.

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Why A New Website?

Why a new website?

Here’s my usual litmus test …

If you couldn’t proudly drape a picture of your website across your storefront – it’s time for a change.

Like it or not, websites are your first impression nowadays (or, at least, 72% of the time they are) …

So, my suggestion (although – I will admit – I am a bit biased) …

Treat an old website the same you would an old storefront …

Fix it.

Clean it. Bomb it. Paint it.

Whatever ya’ gotta do to make it sparkle again.

A website is no different.

Websites and storefronts are your first impressions nowadays …

Thing is, websites tend to be a little harder to clean with soap and water.

Instead, we redesign them – which carries some much cooler benefits than a water-logged laptop anyway …

Attracting customers, simplifying operations, and saving time & money (to name a few) …

Plus, I know a guy who can help set one up …

Website Design for Small Business Owners

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Super Fast Process

We've broken our fast & simple two-week process into five steps. Click each to learn more.


Our Website Packages

Plans to fit any business, any size.


Perfect for anyone first starting out that needs a small, simple website.


Everything a small business needs to hit the ground running & start driving traffic.


Ideal for large-scale corporations with complex needs & functionality.


We've Got Answers.

Our process is usually 3-4 weeks from start to finish. Typical timeline outlined below:

  1. Discuss (1 Day): Choose the website’s styling, layout, domain name, et.
  2. Gather (3 Days): Collect photos, copy, etc.
  3. Build (1 Week): We begin development based on above specifications.
  4. Review (1 Week): Final revisions made & details ironed out to prepare for launch.
  5. Launch (1 Day): Pick a time & date, then we launch! (Congrats on the new site, by the way).

**Expedited services with 1-2 week turnarounds also available.

It’s very difficult to give an accurate estimate without learning more about the project but …

Rest assured: our prices are designed with small business owners in mind, at a rate that helps them grow.

Set up a call to receive a fully personalized quote.

We don’t see that being the case 😉. But on the off chance it happens, you’re fully covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Oh boy, where to start …

First thing’s first, we provide customized website design for small business owners – in addition, our packages come with:

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Worry-Free Maintenance Plans (all hosting, security, updates, backups, etc. taken care of)
  • On-Page SEO
  • Sales Tools

Some popular features of our Growth Package:

  • Monthly Content Updates
  • In-depth Traffic & Performance Reports 
  • Third-Party Integrations (email newsletter integrations, scheduling software, etc.)
  • Google Business Optimizations

Typically we recommend the “Growth Package”, which was put together specifically with small businesses owners in mind. It offers all the resources you’ll need to get your online brand off the ground, without breaking the bank.

Glad you asked!

Other than website design for small business owners, we offer plenty of services to help drive additional traffic, such as:

  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Google Advertising
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Logo Design
  • & more …

Absolutely! All sites are fully optimized to meet Google’s standards & ensure you’re driving as much traffic as possible.

Our maintenance packages cover everything your website needs to stay fast, secure and up-to-date, without you having to lift a finger.

This includes:

  • Hosting
  • Security
  • Malware Scans
  • Routine Updates
  • Weekly Backups
  • Coverage of all software costs
  • & more …

Professional Website Design for Small Business Owners.


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